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The Forest Hotels Logotyp

The forests of Småland are waiting for you.

Experience a getaway in the midst of the magical landscape in Småland, Sweden. Find the time to relax to the sounds of chirping of birds, winds sweeping over meadows, rippling lakes, and of course: the silence of the woods.

We can offer you accommodation in five different kind of hotels. All with high quality hosting, activities, food and drinks. All with nature as focal point. Experience relaxing and energizing activities of your choice. Eat well, drink well and sleep well. After a stay at any of The Forest Hotels you will have had a true Swedish nature experience which will leave you feeling vitalized and inspired.

The forests of Småland are waiting for you.

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Asa Herrgård

Welcome to a jewel with fantastic nature, located by the lake

Surrounded by the lake of Asa, you will find traditional Asa Herrgård, built in the late 18th century. Asa Herrgård is a classic Swedish manor with a modern twist. What was back then a building raised by a baron called Gustaf Leijonhufvud, is today an idyllic destination for small getaways, big parties or anything in between. Spend time in our magnificent park, discover our diverse range of activities, or hang out in our spa connected with a private beach. Here, you will be able to find relaxation in a calm and quiet environment.

The Forest Hotels - Asa Herrgård


Come and experience the magical place

Welcome to Bauergården, an idyllic hotel south of Gränna, Småland. The environment around the hotel is special as it is very diverse. It is surrounded both by deep forests, ridges and cliffs, but also by open fields, meadows and sheer birch trees. At Bauergården you will find a peace that is hard to come by, yet the possibility of activity. Experience the beautiful and diverse surroundings by foot, by bike, or why not by canoe? Afterwards, you can relax by the lake and sauna. In the surroundings of the lake Bunn, where Bauergården is located, the air often feels…magical. Come see for yourself!

The Forest Hotels - Bauergården
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Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

When history meet the future

At Stufvenäs Gästgifveri history meets future in a scenic location right next to the ocean. The land on which Stufvenäs Gästgifveri today stands was in fact habituated during the bronze- and iron age. Here today, lies a modern hotel and relaxing spa with a well reputed restaurant and wine cellar. Furthermore, we always take great pride in cooking with fresh produce that Småland has to offer each season. When you are visiting, we always want to make you feel at home in our harmonic and inspiring environment. We guarantee, a visit will make all of your senses come alive.

The Forest Hotels - Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Trakt Forest Hotel

We invite you to a calmness that makes you forget the stress

Experience the stillness and view of untouched forest at Trakt Forest Hotel: a modern design pearl in the middle of the forests of Småland. Based on carefully selected and environmentally friendly materials, our hotel is built with a minimized ecological footprint. Our forest suites are designed by the famous Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, and are placed on pillars. This, in order to have a minimal impact on the surrounding nature, but also to give you an incredible nature experience in the middle of the tree tops. Here, you will find silence, solitude and nature in its most exquisite form.

The Forest Hotels - Trakt Forest Hotel

Wallby Säteri

Welcome to Wallby Manor and the home of Nyman family

People often say that visiting Wallby Säteri feels like coming home. When you arrive at your destination, walking down the graveled alleys and beautiful garden leading down to the houses, we can almost guarantee you that you will feel the same. Yet, staying in a classic Swedish red cottage with your very own porch, you will be able to let go of the stressors of your everyday life. Relax in our spa, go on a forest hike, enjoy a locally produced meal in our restaurant. At Wallby Säteri we will make sure that you are very well taken care of.

The Forest Hotels - Wallby Säteri

Where the road ends, the journey begins.

Where the road ends,
the journey begins.

The Forest Hotels Logotyp

Our common strengths are authenticity, pride, personal, sustainable, and that everything we do is for real. And of course the forest of Småland, which gives you as a guest access to solitude and silence, if you want. But also fantastic experiences and beautiful nature.

The forests of Småland are waiting for you.